The best price action EA

Easily manage your daily price action set ups
Quick facts
Risk profile
from 1 to 100
Profit per year
from 1 to 1000%
from 1 - 100%
Max Drawdown
from 1 - 100%

What is price action trading?


Most forex traders know the feeling if all indicators are pointing to a direction, however the market prefers to go in the exact opposite direction. How frustrating! For this reason alone many forex traders decide to only use price action trading strategies since price action trading is considered to be one of the most popular trading styles. It basically “follows the money”, which is the best indicator you will find.

To make it even easier we created a price action EA which you can easily manage and can be used to create price action set ups. More info about price action you can find here

This price action trading EA comes with default settings but is fully customisable. It basically tries to hunt for pips when markets are breaking out a range. You can define take profits, trailing stops and stop loss levels. Also you can increase your position if the break out appears not be false.

  • Uses stop loss
  • Adjustable lot settings
  • Used by live traders
  • from $2,000
  • maximum historical draw down: 3%
  • Back test
price action ea chart


Set up your preferred price action in just seconds
Proven trade strategy
Trade the gold market 24/5
Fully automated
Just watch and do nothing
Easy installation
Drag and drop is all you need to do
MT4 compatible
This EA runs on MT4
No experience needed
The perfect EA for beginning traders
Steady trading concept
This EA outperforms in ranging markets